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Kitchens Law

Firm Overview

Prior to forming Kitchens Law Firm, P.A., brothers Matt, Dan and John Kitchens worked as associate attorneys at the Jackson, Mississippi law firm of Kitchens & Ellis. The brothers formed Kitchens Law Firm after their father, Jim Kitchens, was elected to the Mississippi Supreme Court in 2008.

Kitchens Law Firm maintains a staff of well-trained and courteous professional assistants, several of whom have been with the firm for many years. Beginning in 2009, the firm began scanning and electronically saving all case documents, giving the attorneys full remote access to their clients' files. The electronically-stored files are maintained both on the office computer server and at an off-site facility in Utah. As an additional safety feature in the event of fire, a member of the firm also takes home a backup of the office files every night. To ensure confidentiality, all paper garbage from the firm is destroyed and recycled. The firm also recycles plastic, cardboard, aluminum and glass containers.


Kitchens Law Firm is located in one of the oldest buildings in Crystal Springs. The now more than 100-year-old structure began its life as a packing shed, where farmers brought produce to be crated and loaded onto railcars. The shed was renovated in 1960 by Lloyd and Edith Kitchens, who operated Kitchens Wholesale Company from the building. The building was later sold, but was saved demolition in 2003 by three of Lloyd and Edith's grandchildren, Matt, Dan and John Kitchens. The building, which is known in the Kitchens Family simply as "the Wholesale," has since undergone renovations to accommodated the law firm's needs, but without diminishing the building's unique historical significance.